Assessing the Impact of Soil Amendment on Moisture

Quantifying the effects on soil infiltration and moisture of a surface applied amendment

Are soil amendments worth the investment?

By Mark Morris, June 30, 2017


In most agricutural activities, it is necessary at various times to utilise soil amendments, 

Keywords vitilculture, soil, moisture, amdendments, infiltration


The decision to apply soil amendments or ameloriants may be undertaken to address a number of management issues:

  • Fertility
  • Soil hydrophobial (Water repellency)
  • Soil compaction
  • Soil acidity
  • Soil sodicity
Case Study

This case study considered the application of a soil amendment to a Yarra Valley, Victoria vineyard (37.6489° S, 145.3719° E, elevations; 50 - 430m, mean annual rainfall; 750-950mm). The motivation was to increase water infilration and the available moisture reserves at critical root depths

Two treamements were applied to a single block of Shiraz (Vitis vinifera 'Syrah') as described below:

Northern Treatment Area

Varietal: Shiraz
Area: ~1.2ha
Treatment Amount: kg/ha
Treatment Date:: TBA
Post Treatment Cultivation: TBA

Southern Treatment Area

Varietal: Shiraz
Area: ~1.25ha
Treatment TBA:
Treatment Amount: kg/ha
Treatment Date:TBA
Post Treatment Cultivation:.TBA