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Automation from vine to wine

That's clever agriculture


Let's agree that for too long technology in agriculture hasn't lived up to expectations; too complicated, too expensive and too much effort.

We'd lost count how many times we heard 'just make it easy', and that's why we developed the vinehub platform.

Designed to improve quality and yields, whilst reducing labour demands, our overarching goal is clever simplicity

Realise the Benefits

Make Clear & Confident Decisions

Distills data from sensors above and below the ground, satellites and weather services, presenting it in a concise, actionable format. Make clear, confident decisions from the home, office or the field.

Undestand Plant Stress

Direct impacts on farm profitability through granular management of crop stress. Advanced stress and moisture monitoring, in conjunction with irrigation controls improves both yields and quality outcomes.

Manage Water Efficiently

Ensure crops receive precisely what they need, when they need it, using industry leading flow monitoring and automation. Combat an unforgiving climate and conserve a precious resource.

Reduce Labour & Travel

Claw back precious time travelling and working in the field to focus on more important tasks, with an ability to control pumps and valves remotely and view crop health from any web connected device.

Stay Informed

Stay informed with regular status updates and critical event alerts. Be more reponsive to potentially damaging events via email, sms, instant messaging or social media; it's your preference.

Build a Knowledge Store

Gain better insights, amass more data. Build a longterm repository of knowledge around farm's operations using an integrated learning platform.

Learn more about the vinehub platform and how it will benefit your operations 

Six Key Features

Soil Condition Monitoring

Soil moisture and temperature monitoring at multiple depths provides a concise picture of soil condition. Working in conjunction with the platform’s irrigation management ensures precise plant hydration. Soil mapping services, such as EM38, are also employed, enhancing knowledge of soil variability.

Crop Canopy Monitoring

Advanced sensors directly quantify plant stress, working with irrigation management and soil moisture monitoring to moderate stress precisely when required. In addition, canopy sensors continuously monitor for conditions elevating pest and disease risk, lending confidence to your spraying decisions.

Water Management

Capture and logs data relating to your irrigation practices. When coupled with the soil moisture monitoring, this provides a powerful means to water more efficiently. The platform also incorporates water quality monitoring instilling confidence in the health of your crop.

Detailed Weather

By combining on-the-ground weather stations and the resources of the BoM, the platform provides both localised historical observation data, as well as comprehensive weather forecasting, particularly for rainfall and wind. Making extensive use of maps and images, this helps quickly and easily visualise changes in weather.


Integrated agricultural satellite and drone imagery, provides a holistic view of crop health. Mapping fosters more granular management, improving both yield and quality outcomes. If you have pre-existing maps and imagery, these can easily be integrated, and made available through the vinehub platform.

Remote Control & Alerting

Control and schedule irrigation pumps and valves from any web connected device. The platform sends regular crop status reports and has real-time alerting for critical events. Updates and alerts can be consumed in different ways, from email and SMS, through to instant messaging and social media.

Case Studies

A selection of real world examples demonstrating tangible benfits of the vinehub platform

Under Vine Practices

Quantifying the effect of undervine practices on soil moisture

In winegrape production the decision to mulch undervine doesn't come cheaply. Understanding the effectiveness of different practices vs their costs is key

Soil Wetting Agent Effectiveness

Testing the worth of soil wetting agents

The decision to introduce any chemical agent into the field attracts both financial and environemental considerations. Is the cost and effort worth it? 

Surviving the Summer: Rainfed Vineyards

Some produces prefer not to irrigate, but there's risks

Some growers feel a truer expression of terroir is found through rainfed fruit only. However as the stress of the Australian summer ramps up, what's the risk?

See for yourself how easy vinehub is to use


Most of us have had poor expriences when it comes to technology out on the farm. We understand this. Its also not a trivial investment in time and money. That's why we guarantee that vinehub will be as easy to use as we say, and that it will have real and tangible benefits to your farming operations - if not, we'll simply come out remove our gear and refund your money; no questions asked.


Three options to help mange costs, all the while while releasing improved yields, quality and margins.


Get started with our basic monitoring and alerting
From $ CALL
Perfect way to get started, test drive basic monitoring, scale up Silver and Gold any time
    Soil Condition Monitoring
  • Single Weather Station
  • Weather Forecasting
  • BYO Maps
  • SMS / Email / Instant Messaging Alerts
  • Daily Email Digests


More comprehensive monitoring and mapping capabilites
 From $ CALL
Strike a balance between comprehensive monitoring and our mapping offerings
  • Canopy Condition Monitoring
  • Up to two Weather Stations
  • Satellite Agricultural Imagery
  • 1 Drone Flight / Season
  • Operational Touchscreen


Complete monitoring, remote control and mapping, 
From $ CALL
A complete service offering including remote control, mapping and monitoring
  • Remote Irrigation Controls
  •  Weather Station in each Location
  • 2 Drone Flights / Season
  • Enhanced Touchscreen
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics


If we still haven't manage to convince you to take up the vinehub service, risk free, then call us up today as let's see what we can do.


To ensure a quality service offering there's limited slots available for the 2017/18 growering season. We'll be working only with a select group of growers in realising all the benefits vinehub has proven to offer.

Don't delay if you want to be on board by the Sep 1 2017's cut-off.


We're people passionate about solving real world problems through the innovate use of simplifed technology

Mark Morris
Managing Director & Founder

With more than 20 years experience delivering large IT infrastructure projects, Mark also holds a Master of Environmental Management and is on the last leg of second Masters in remote mapping. Mark aims, through the melding of his IT and environmental education and experiences, to deliver real and tangible benefits to growers and producers across all agricultural sectors 

Phone: 0405 309 746

Michael Gibbs
Technology & Innovation

Electronics and agriculture have been passions of Michael's since he was a young. Growing up in a family with a background in electronics, it was natural for him to gravitate to building technical solutions to real world farming issues. Michael wants to help farmers adopt technology to overcome day-to-day challenges, but without burden of losing themselves in the technology. He currently spends his days developing cloud based solutions in numerous sectors, with a focus on agriculture.
Phone: 0411 787 135

Contact us for more information, case studies, or to view a of demo of the vinehub platform